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Your First Visit

Your first visit will include a consultation, exam and necessary x-rays.  This helps the doctor find the true cause of your symptoms and the best information to help you get better.

The first day in the office will be the “information gathering” day of your 2 day initial visit. Call now to get started (949) 429-6488

Day 1 will consist of a thorough consultation, orthopedic and neurological examination.  On this visit there will also be a complete x-ray study performed of your spine to ensure clinical accuracy and importantly, your safety.

Day 2 will be your Report of Findings which will consist of a detailed case explanation and care recommendations.

A copy of your drivers license or another form of government identification is required on the first visit.  Also, bring your insurance card.  The office will do the work in looking into your benefits to assure the best financial coverage for your case.