Dr. Sten Kerwin

“I believe that healthy function comes from the head, hands and heart. The head for the innate intelligence of the body, the central nervous system and the knowledge of them; giving care through the hands without the use of drugs or surgery, but with chiropractic, nutrition and core performance. The heart comes from the head and the hands being expressed with true caring and concern for my patients.”


Eastern Washington University
Graduated 2000 with a B.S. in sports medicine and exercise science. Worked with the sports teams with injury prevention and rehabilitation. This experience gave first-hand experience to physical therapy and structural and injury rehabilitation and prevention.

Palmer College of Chiropractic West
Graduated 2003. Had the opportunity to take chiropractic to Fiji for three weeks. This experience opened my eyes to the efficacy and effeciency of chiropractic.


– diversified and non-force techniques

– structural rehabilitation

– soft tissue rehabilitation/myofascial release

– whole food nutrition/purification and detoxification


Outdoor activities, mountain biking, volleyball and martial arts.